With IPMailSMS you can send E-Mail and/or SMS (using a GSM Modem) when alarms are triggered in your Citect application.
You just have to include a Citect project and configure job (which manage when you want a message to be send) very easily!


IP Secure Shell

The Shell for Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2008) is a system tool to startup Windows without the standard Explorer shell. This tool prevents the user to access to the Windows desktop. This Shell can automatically startup Citect to secure the system. You can switch back to the original Windows environment at any time protected by a password.




This tools transfers Citect plant data (Alarms, Trends and Tags) to a database via ODBC. The module is installed on the database server and connect to different Citect servers, supporting redundancy of primary and secondary servers. You can configure multiple tasks to transfer Citect data periodically to your database.



IP ActiveX Collection

This tools contains a complete set of useful ActiveX components for CitectSCADA including ComboBox, DateTimePicker, Listbox, tabControl, dBaseGrid, GifAnimation, StringGrid and a trendtemplate with dateTimePicker.  


Use IPTrendselectActiveX to select a big (upto 20000 trends) much faster than the classic Citect combobox list.   Easy to build in your application, just type in the AN, the file name (Trend.dbf or any text file), and the data to display (TrendTag or TrendComment)



IP Tag Debug

Tagdebug is a Citect Add-on which allows you to read/write Tags from a spreadsheet.



IP Time Scheduler

The time scheduler Citect allows you to program the value of any tag at any day and time. This tool is very important for any application in the domain of building automation. You can create a sequence of commands which will be executed automatically as defined in the Citect Schedule. The program sequences may also be executed manually by an operator. The configuration tool can be started from Citect and the time schedule can be modified online. The Time Scheduler works on a standalone application, as well as on a redundant